Ict Homework Games For Kindergarten

Ever wish there was one location to find kindergarten standards-based computer activities? I do!

I’ve had to figure out some of the best and most kindergarten friendly websites to create lesson plans for my own students to use in the computer lab. Since apps are out of the question {technology limitations} and CD-based games are out of the question {too old-school}, I’ve gone in search of some of the best internet-based kindergarten computer activities available.

Here is my list of 7 favorite kindergarten standards based computer activities that come in at number 1 for each of the skills listed.

Teaching computer skills is part of what we do using technology in the classroom or in computer lab, but I want technology to help me accomplish our learning goals… not just to learn skills to have them.

These websites all feature a single straightforward activity that helps my kinders learn to read and build their counting or listening skills. I’ve found tons more on my scouring of the internet, and often started looking for base websites using internet4classrooms.

This was my starting place and stumbled upon many more. Obviously, some are better (or more “beautiful”) than others but I don’t add it to my lesson plans unless it qualifies for content and skill.

Mouse Movement/Counting

Let’s start with the beginning. Learning how to use the mouse by moving it with purpose is a basic skill. No touch screens here, so let’s improve accuracy and gain control over a mouse using Bees and Honey game.

This game is my favorite place to start and is also #1 on the sequence of games we play in the computer lab since it really give me a good picture of their skills.

I love that it incorporates clicking and dragging as a natural part of the sequence.

It helps us set a foundation for K.CC.4.a. Count objects by touching them singularly while saying the number name.

Number Recognition/Counting

While working on mouse movement, we can begin to practice numeral formation. Here is a website that isn’t easy to use, but I’ve done all the work for you with pulling the best parts out for our kinders.

There are 3 parts for each number available that focus on numeral formation, discriminating/identifying the number and selecting the number of objects.

Here is an example of tracing 6, identifying 6, and counting 6 objects from this Welsh website. You can also replace the “story of 6” in the URL to go to another number to check out more. I like that this site really practices one specific skill and help us practice:

  • K.CC.3.a. Recognize numbers from 0-10.
  • K.CC.3.b. Print numbers from 0-9 when prompted. (Number formation)
  • K.CC.4.a. Count objects by touching them singularly while saying the number name.

Listening Skills

Wouldn’t you know that listening and following directions is an important skill? {Shocker, right?}

Here is my all time favorite game that is actually very challenging for kindergarten students. My advanced kinders generally pick it up quicker… there must be a correlation between the two.

Students have to listen to 3 locations where a bug is hiding and click on those objects in sequence. This Tina’s World game is great to bring back multiple times throughout the year.

It helps us work on K.SL.1.a. Listen to and follow directions and K.SL.2.a. Identify key details (important information) from oral communications.

Keyboarding/Typing for Kindergartners

Wait a minute, there’s nothing in the Common Core standards about keyboarding for kindergarten. Why include this game? Learning to use the keyboard is a part of our computer lab skills as the year progresses.

I think Typing with Katie is a great starter tutorial for kinders to become familiar with the keyboard. I think it is short enough to keep their interest and gives them good, small goals. I like to use it the first week of November.

For those like me who need a standard to tie it to, have no fear. This game works on letter identifcation between upper and lowercase plus K.L.1.f-2. Write by moving left to right and from top to bottom and K.SL.1.a. Listen to and follow directions.

Phonemic Awareness

I think these Professor Garfield Orson’s Farm games are so smart. They were definitely designed with young emergent readers in mind and hit many standards. You can work on onset/rime, blending, sound substitution/deletion and rhyming for starters. Using lots of pictures, makes teaching these auditory-heavy skills more simple.


There are lots of ways to teach math that is interactive and appropriate for kinders. This Shapeville game is a clever way to practice K.G.2 Name shapes regardless of their orientation to overall size and K.G.1.e. Describe objects in the environment using the names of shapes (two-dimensional and three-dimensional). Kinders look at real-world scenes or objects and find the matching shape.

I like that it includes 3D shapes and really reinforces the names of each.


In kindergarten, we work on using taller/shorter types of vocabulary in measurement. When moving to comparing 3 objects we introduce -est vocabulary.

This Clifford Measuring game is a pretty quick game that can go through lots of examples for adequate practice. I like that it also includes using widths and height. That’s my top list of favorites in these standard areas! Of course there are so many more that made it into my lesson plans, but not this list.

Want a whole year’s worth of lesson plans to hit reading and math?

Then here is your ticket!

These computer lab lesson plans are perfect to use in the computer lab or in stations in your classroom. It features these games and more activities sequenced to increase in difficulty over the kindergarten year. Check out the kindergarten computer lab lesson plans now.

Kindergarten Computer Lesson Plan Pages

What are some of your favorite specific skill activities?

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