Three Causes Of Happiness Essay


English 2 Happiness EssayCommon Core Essay Prompt


In your study of the causes of happiness, you have begun to develop your definition of happiness and have  brainstormed what causes happiness. You have read and watched multiple perspectives on what happiness is and how to achieve happiness. In consideration of what these many sources communicate about happiness and what causes happiness, write a persuasive essay in which you answer this prompt:

What is happiness and how can happiness be achieved?Be sure to:

1.Organize your ideas effectively and coherently in your writing, including an


 that defines happiness and a


 that leave your reader thinking.!iscuss two ways to achieve happiness and develop your


 in your

 first two

 body paragraphs".!evelop a


 and discuss why it is invalid in your


 body paragraph#.!raw on te$tual



at least two

 articles or videos. You may also provide personal stories as


%.&ake use of



 to make your writing flow and your argument clear '.!on(t use

dead words!"

 )I, me, my, we, us, you, your, you(re, yours*, unless it(s in a direct +uote


1.Outline and ough !raft can be typed or neatly handwritten.-inal draft

must be typed

, double spaced, imes /ew oman 1 point font and submitted to 


Outline0  points

ough !raft0  points

-inal !raft0 % points

$otal: %& points'ue dates:

1.Outline0 &arch 1'th..ough !raft0 &arch th.".-inal draft0 &arch #th. Outline and rough draft will be collected with the final draft.#.-inal draft must be submitted to  by 11:%2 p.m. on &arch #th.

(utline $emplate )or Essay'irections:

 On a separate sheet of paper, copy all the bolded parts of this outline. hen, fill in the outline with the information you plan to include in your essay. You can write this information as bullet points or sentences. You will use this outline to write the rough draft of your essay.

'o not write the outline in paragraphs* #ollow these directions*+ntroduction:


,ttention -etter

: +uote, +uestion, fact, statistic, anecdote, etc.

1 sentence


Brie) .ummary

: 3$plain your definition of happiness

2-3 sentences


 My definition of happiness is ___________________, because . . .



: Your argument about how happiness can be achieved. You need to e$plain two different ways that happiness can be achieved.#.3$:

 Happiness can be achieved by way #1 and way #2. 1 sentence

The causes of happiness
Happiness may come and go like the seasons of the year. Everyone can find happiness according to their personality. In my opinion I can find the happiness in these three: family, health and good education.
The first cause of happiness I will mention is the family. This is the most important cause because family is the secret of the happiness. Most of happiness that we experience comes from feeling of save and peace that we feel with our families.   For example, when I think about my best happiest moment; I realized that have been the times with my family doing regular things. Another thing I would like to mention is that the parents or the adults in the family they seemed to guide and advise us to have a better and a happy life.
The second cause of happiness is health. The health is wealth. If you don’t have a good health you will have less happiness. The people who are not being in a good health are less happy than the people who enjoy with a perfect health. And the health contain in healthy body and mind. For example, when I was sick two weeks ago I have to stay in bed and I can’t move that’s made me so sad and bored.
The third cause of happiness is good education. If you get a good education you will make your parents proud of you and that will make you and your parents happy. And if you have an excellent Certificate, you will have a good job and great positions in the society. And with that job you can make your dream came true. This is made your life full of happiness.
In conclusion, the hard times will help people to look for the happiness. Happiness is not free. You have to work hard and do what you should to do to get the comfortable feeling of the happiness. And every thing happen in life that happen with reasons and maybe that reasons make you a happy person.

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