Northeast Middle School Meridian Ms Ezhomework Adviser

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Brown, Deborah Principal
Nelson, Steve Assistant Principal
Slaughter, Cynthia Lead Teacher
Pittman, Terisa Counselor

Ahmad, Asma SPED
Buxton, Perry PE
Caldwell, Robbi 7th Grade ICT I
Campbell, Laura 7th Grade
Dees, Melony 5th Grade English
Gonzalez, Amy 7th/8th Grade Science
Goolsby, Haley 5th Grade
Goss, Penny 6th Grade
Hale, Heather Interventionist
Hall, Robin 7th/8th Grade Language Arts
Hardy, Sonja Special Education Inclusion/Tutorial
Harris, Ashley 6th Grade
Higdon, Barbara Special Education Inclusion/Tutorial
House, Jennie Band/Chorus
Huntley, Randi 5th Grade
Kalla, Bradley 8th Grade
Lee, Eva SPED
Lee, Vanessa SPED
Lightsey, Tiffany 8th Grade English
Lott, Emily 5th Grade
Martin, Niki 8th Grade Math
McKee, Ashley 7th Grade Math
McPherson, Lindsey Special Education Inclusion/Tutorial
McRee, Lauren 6th Grade
Mitchell, Ravene 6th Grade
Moore, Denice 6th Grade
Morgan, Hali 8th Grade Science
Neese, Casey 7th Grade
Pearsell, Kimberly TAG
Pierce, Mary 7th/8th Grade ICT I/Technology Foundations
Pippin, Britney 5th Grade
Purvis, Stacy TAG
Ridinger, Kimberly 7th/8th Grade
Seale, Jamye SPED
Shedd, Danielle 6th Grade
Shier, Ashley 7th Grade Language Arts
Shoemake, Cathy 5th Grade
Stegall, Dan P.E.
Thornton, Sheri 8th Grade Technology Foundations
Trussell, Rebecca 7th/8th Grade
Webster, Chris Special Education Inclusion/Tutorial
Wilkerson, Kimberly Library Media Specialist

Culpepper, Patricia Nurse
Kieronski, Jennifer SPED Assistant
Schultz, Jennifer Bookkeeper
Wells, Deidra MSIS Clerk/Data Processor

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Principal: Deborah Brown,


Assistant Principal:  Steve Nelson,


Counselor: Terisa Pittman,


Lead Teacher:  Cynthia Slaughter,


School Nurse: Patricia Culpepper,


Bookkeeper: Jennifer Schultz,


Data Processor: Deidra Wells,


Receptionist: Lisa Johnson,


School Resource Officer: Jerry Hopson,



Office: 601-483-3532

Fax: 601-485-0846



Postal Mail:

Northeast Middle School

7763 Hwy 39 North

Meridian, MS 39305


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