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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to common questions for the corresponding admissions application sections. When you’re ready, you may complete your admissions application.

Why is my Social Security information required?
Your Social Security number is required for application submission. This information is used to ensure that all of your application data is applied and tracked accurately. This information is also used in scholarships and financial aid awards, and is required by federal law for financial aid reporting, financial aid transactions and federal work study.

If I have completed dual enrollment work from another college, am I applying as a freshman or transfer student?
If you will have completed sixty or more transferable hours upon entering USFSP, you will be applying as an upper-level transfer student; fewer than sixty transferable hours, a lower-level transfer student.

How many USF System campuses can I apply to for a semester?
You may only apply to one campus of the USF System at a time, even if you’re applying for separate terms. If you have already submitted an application to another System institution and would like to update your application to USFSP, please submit an Application Update Form.

How do I find my school code?
If your high school (only required for those students entering USFSP with fewer than sixty transferable credit hours) does not appear when searched by name, the fastest solution is to visit the College Board’s code search. In the drop-down “Search by” menu, select High Schools. Enter the city and state of your school to retrieve the six-digit school code. Enter the code into the High School Information search on your Admissions Application.

If your post-secondary institution does not appear when searched by name, the fastest solution is to visit the following site:

How do I complete the college-level coursework section?
Please be aware that any college-level coursework completed at your high school qualifies as dual enrollment. You must indicate the institutions from which all credit is being or has been earned. Including this information ensures the timely processing of your application.

Complete the current course list portion of the application to the best of your ability. If the course code or number is not known, fill it in with zeros. The most important information to provide is course title and duration.

Can I complete my application if I don’t know my ACT or SAT scores?
This portion is only required for those students entering USFSP with fewer than sixty transferable credit hours.

If you are not sure of your exact scores, fill in your best estimate. No action will be taken on your application until your official test results are received. Additionally, if you have not yet tested (or retested), we still strongly encourage you to proceed with application submission.  This way, your file will be ready for review once your test scores are received.

Whose information do I provide for the residency questions?
When completing the residency portion of the application, remember that if you are younger than the age of 24 the Federal Department of Education considers you to be a dependent, meaning that you are claimed on somebody else’s taxes. Therefore, the person who will help you complete the residency portion will be the person who claims you on taxes, like a parent or legal guardian.

Additionally, don’t forget that all residency documents you provide must be issued at least 12 consecutive months before the term for which you are applying. For example, if you’re applying to Fall 2014, all residency documents you submit must be dated or issued prior to August 24, 2013.

How do I check my application status?
Within 48 hours after you submit your application, you can check your admission status 24/7 by visiting OASIS, USFSP’s Online Access Student Information System.

The first time that you visit OASIS, you will retrieve your University ID number (or U Number) and NetID. After selecting the Login button, perform the following steps:

  • Under “Don’t have a USF NetID?” select “Create an account now”
  • After entering your name, select the USF ID# radio button
  • Next to the field “Enter USF ID #” will be a link for you to look up your USF ID number.
  • Once you have retrieved your USF ID, complete the Activation by USF ID# form.
  • After selecting Activate NetID return to the Sign-On page
  • In OASIS, select Student > Admissions > View My Undergraduate Application Status

If you have additional questions about your USFSP application, please call us at (727) 873-4142.  We look forward to receiving your application!

Competition for space in the freshman class is rigorous. High school GPAs for the middle 50 percent of freshman admitted in Fall 2017 were between 3.9-4.4.

For determining admissibility to USF, we will recalculate your high school GPA based on grades earned in high school only in core academic subject areas, as well as specified AP and IB fine and performing arts courses. USF will add the quality points outlined below for approved AP, IB, AICE, Honors and Dual Enrollment courses provided you earn a "C" or better. 

Course TypeQuality Point
Advanced Placement1.0
International Baccalaureate1.0
Dual Enrollment1.0

Taking weighted courses can have a positive impact on your recalculated GPA as long as you are reasonably successful in these advanced-level courses.

Test Score Requirements

USF requires freshman applicants to submit official results of at least one college entrance exam (SAT or ACT). USF does not currently require or consider the optional Essay section of the SAT or the ACT for the admission or scholarship review processes. Likewise, SAT Subject Tests are not considered for admission or placement. USF's code for SAT is 5828 and for ACT is 0761.

In Fall 2017, SAT and ACT scores for admitted freshman were:

SAT: 1220-1350
ACT: 27-30


USF considers your highest submitted section scores across all SAT and ACT test dates. Final admission decisions will be made using only your highest cumulative scores. Each time you submit test scores to USF, we will update your record with any new high scores. We strongly encourage you to submit your scores each time you take the SAT or ACT. Sending your scores each time you take the SAT or ACT can benefit you by allowing us to consider you for all available enrollment-related opportunities.

Concordance and the Redesigned SAT

The Redesigned SAT was launched by the College Board in March 2016. USF will accept both the Original (Pre-March 2016) SAT and the Redesigned (March 2016 and later) SAT for admission for the Spring 2017 semester and later. For admission and scholarship purposes we will concord any Original SAT scores to the Redesigned SAT scale; we will also superscore all administrations of the SAT. If you took the Original SAT and want to understand how your scores will concord to the new scale, please refer to the SAT Score Converter. For more information on the Redesigned SAT, visit the College Board website.

Testing Recommendations

Because the SAT and ACT measure college readiness through different means and formats, we strongly encourage you to take each exam once during the spring of your junior year in high school. You are likely to prefer (and even to perform better) on one test over the other, which would allow you to focus on that test during the fall of your senior year. Except in rare cases, you should not take either test more than three times, as significant improvements on performance are unlikely at that point.

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