Phl 215 Week 2 Epistemology Matrix And Essay

METAPHYSICS MATRIX AND ESSAY2Metaphysics Matrix and EssayPart 1 Matrix:FieldDefinitionHistoricalDevelopmentsSchools OfThoughtKeyContributorsPrincipalIssuesMetaphysicsThe word metaphysics is referred to as agroup of philosophy, which are involved with the basic, deep- seated, and underlying,as well as supporting the “nature of reality and being and that includes ontology, cosmology, andepistemology” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary, 2016, para. 1).Now, in this particular historical progress start with the common inquiries by every individual’s all over the word. Those questionswill be “who we really are, why we are here, where we came from, and the actual nature of our physical world and experience, has been transformed by the developmentand use of science and technology” (Hancock, & Thomson, 2006,para. 1).However, the ancient “developmentsAristotle coined metaphysicsScientific RevolutionIntelligent design vs. Evolution” (Landauer, & Rowlands, 2001,para. 1).The word materialism means that “all things that exist are made of matter in some way” (Pecorino, 2000, para. 44).On-the-other-hand, the phrase called idealism is referred to that “all things that exist are ideas in some mind” (Pecorino, 2000, para. 44).In-spite-of-that, the word called dualism is known as the“minds and bodies exist and are separate substances” (Pecorino, 2000, para.

MORAL/SOCIAL AND POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY MATRIX2Moral/Social and Political Philosophy Matrix Part One Matrix:FieldDefinitionHistoricalDevelopmentsSchools OfThoughtKeyContributorsPrincipalIssuesMoral/SocialNow, the word called Moral principles consists of right and wrong in his or her conduct, performance,as well as their actions (Chaffee, 2015). Not-just-only-that, also his or her honorable, orvirtuous behavior, decent, and proper judgment (Chaffee, 2015).On-the-other-hand, the term called SocialPhilosophical is known asthe research, analysis, as well as the examination of the general public, and its Now, when it comes to the Moral Historical Developments it will be “self - realization,meta-ethics, naturalistic, and fallacies” (Moore, & Bruder, 2011, p. 624).Furthermore, this is how morals should be practical, functional, or realistic duringtraditional superiority, andpriority (Moore, & Burder, 2011).On-the-other-hand, in the social field, will be Greek Democracy Capitalism (Chaffee, 2015).“Kantian FormalismVirtue Ethics,Subjectivism,Egoism,Ethical Relativism, UtilitarianismHedonism,Epicureanism,Stoicism,Normative Morals,Detailed Morals,Relational Ethics, andApplied Morals” (Nuehs, 2013, para. 1). On-the-other-hand, in the field of social will be ‘Natural Law Philosophy,Cultural Criticism, Individualism,Anarchism,Social,Epistemolog,Doctrine ofLanguage,Individualism,SocialEpistemology”(Chaffee, 2015, p. 6, Now, from the Moral Field will beSt.

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