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If you teach preschool, transitional kindergarten (also known as TK or junior kindergarten), or kindergarten then this might be for you!

I created these sheets as a custom request by my dear friends Linda Veik and Susan Lopez, both kindergarten teachers in Fontana, CA.

Updated 7/21/2016
Special thanks to Yaileen Nieves for reaching out to me on Instagram and asking if I would translate this resource into Spanish. Absolutely! With teamwork from Yaileen, you will find the alphabet corresponds to words in Spanish. The letter Gg for instance shows a "gato" for instance. Thank you, Yaileen! Thank you, thank you, thank you! :)

What's Included?
* 3 different options for use as a Homework Folder Cover Sheet.
** Option One: Has a boy on it.
** Option Two: Has a girl on it.
** Option Three: Doesn't have a boy or girl, choose this option if you want everyone to have the same front cover look.

What information is on the sheet?
* A primary dotted line for you to write your student's name
* Letters Aa-Zz with pictures and words for each, most are easy-to-read CVC words (exceptions are the vowels, which begin with a short vowel sound: ant, egg, ill, ox, up and also excluding Qq which shows a quilt and X which shows an x-ray).
* Months of the Year
* Days of the Week
* Numbers 1-20, shown with ten frames and with the word and number word
* Colors and Shapes - basic shapes are: circle, square, triangle, rectangle, hexagon, and oval. 3D solid shapes are: cube, cylinder, sphere, and cone.

How do I use these?
* Print
* Write student names on the lines (be careful if using the boy/girl sheet to use the correct sheet)
* Paste onto the front cover of your folders
* Laminate folders (Folders should be open when feeding through the laminitor)
* Use a razor blade to cut slits on the inside to make the pockets usable

Note: You may also wish to paste other types of sheets on to the inside pockets and/or back cover before laminating. The ones pictured on the cover have a sight word list laminated on the back cover.

Don't want to mess with laminating? You may instead choose to buy pronged folders or binders and slip into a page protector. Or purchase folders with a clear pocket on the front and back and slip into the pocket.

Feedback and follows are GREATLY appreciated! This took about two hours to complete from start to finish and feedback and follows really make it worth my time so please take a moment if you would. I enjoy reading and replying to each piece of feedback I receive.

Have a GREAT school year and thank you!

Karen :)

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