Blackpool Tourism Case Study Gcse In Uk

An exploration of the background to British tourist resort development and change. Includes a discussion on the decline of the resort and the potential for rejuvenation, using Blackpool as a case study.
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Coast, The Summary
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29 May 2010

Students could use this clip to compare the various stages of the product life cycle of a tourist resort. Using ICT, they could use a living graph activity using a storyboard of images. Alternatively, they could research the resort and produce their own product life cycle with images, figures and comments. They could draw comparisons with other destinations at different stages of the model and draw up proposals for an action plan for the rejuvenation of Blackpool. Learners could research and compare other case studies and support their findings with a local case study and a fieldwork investigation as part of a unit of work on tourism.

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Case Study of UK Coastal Resort - Blackpool

Blackpook is located in the North West of England. It became popular as a tourist destination in the late 1800s and its popularity increased steadily until the late 1980s when tourism numbers dropped from 16 million to 10 million. Despite this, Blackpool is still dominated by the tourism industry and there are 91,000 bed spaces, most of which are in small guesthouses. 

Why do people currently go to Blackpool?

  • To visit The Pleasure Beach which is a theme park. It is one of the UK's most visited tourist attractions.
  • The sandy beach and its piers
  • The Blackpool Illuminations - a spectular light show running since the late 1800s during the Autumn months to prolong the tourist season.
  • Party political conferences take place there
  • Concerts and shows happen there.

The Rise and Decline of Blackpool - The Butler Model

Blackpool fits the Butler Model perfectly.


In the 1700s, only landed gentry visited Blackpool. There were just 4 hotels and the main attraction was the sea.


In the 1800s, the Central Pier and Blackpool Tower opened…

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