Essay On Kannada Rajyotsava In Kannada Language Letters

The criteria for formation of Indian States is language [and of course politicians these days!]. India became a Republic in the year 1950 and in same year linguistic provinces were formed. The state of Mysore is one such state in South India.

The state of Mysore was created taking into fold various parts of the region, which were ruled by kings. Several districts in, now called North Karnataka and Hyderabad Karnataka were dissolved in the new state. The new state was named after Mysore, which by itself was a princely state.

People of North and Hyderabad area did not accept the name Mysore. People of this region were demanding a change in the name. After prolonged debate the name of the state was changed to Karnataka on November 1, 1973.

Late Devaraj Urs the then Chief Minister of state took this landmark decision. Officially the new state was born on Nov. 1 and on this day every year birthday of the state is celebrated. This is popularly called as Kannada Rajyotsava or Karnataka Rajyotsava. Rajyotsava means “birth of a state”.

Initially change of name was cheered by all. The very name Kannada and Karnataka evoked a sense of unity. But in the past few years it is proved beyond all reasonable doubts that the enthusiasm is all but short lived euphoria.

Come Nov. 1 Karnataka will be in a joyous mood. This day is a government holiday. Very few will be out in the streets and community centers chanting Kannada . Majority of people will enjoy the gift of a holiday.

That does not necessarily mean Karnataka is cool and peaceful. The state has been witnessing hue and cries now and then from a section of society. Reason: Deterioration in the number of people using Kannada and dominance of other languages like Tamil, Telugu and Hindi.

Government didn’t keep quite. It gave a call to observe Kannada Awareness year in the 1993. It even formed a committee called Kannada Kavalu Samiti (Kannada Watch dog).

Is the dog watching? No, laments true lovers of the language. We don’t want any to watch us, we will take our own way… says the rest.

The State Govt announces Rajyotsava awards every year, which is given to people who have contributed to the Karnataka state.

Since 1999, Bangalore holds India’s most popular and envied IT show called


Bangalore, Nov 1: Hoisting the flags of the state everywhere, Karnataka celebrated 'Karnataka Rajyotsava' on Monday, Nov 1 as the day marks the formation of the state- Karnataka.

During 1950s, when India became a republic and many states and provinces were formed on the basis of language spoken in a particular region, the state namely 'Mysore' was formed with the Kannada speaking people of South India.

However, the name 'Mysore' was not accepted by some regions and people demanded the change in the name of the state.

Finally, the state of all Kannada speaking people was renamed as Karnataka on Nov 1, 1973.

From 1973, the day has been marked as a government holiday in Karnataka and Kannadigas take great pride in celebrating Rajyotsava with various festivities, cultural events and performances through out the state.

Every year the government of the state asserts Rajyotsava awards, which are awarded to people responsible for great contributions in the development of Karnataka in the field of art, literature, science, politics and more.

Senior litterateur, D G Nadya; Sanskrit Vidwan, Derebail Harikrishna Tantri and social worker, Lancy Mascarenhas won the 2010 award for different categories.

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