Ecology Essay Questions And Answers

Kaiser et al: Marine Ecology 2e

Sample exam questions and answers

Below we have provided some examples of questions you might encounter in a final year exam for a Bachelor of Science Honours degree. You should revise for each question and then allow yourself 90 minutes to write your answer. Ensure you use 10 minutes to plan your essay and compile the key points and examples you want to use.

The answer guidance provides pointers as to what the content of the essay would cover, but we do not provide a model essay for reasons associated with potential plagarism. Click the button to view the answer guidance after you have written your essay or essay plan to see if you picked up the points we highlighted.

As the majority of the authors teach in universities we have based our questions on our collected experience of setting exams. In addition to reading the Exam and essay writing advice also available on this Online Resource Centre, it should be patently clear that a good essay will be evidenced with lots of relevant examples to illustrate the statements you make. Remember to ask yourself the key questions outlined in the online advice (what? Where? When? Who? How? etc). Examples will be taken from the primary literature and will not be grazed from Wikipedia! Although the questions below are specific to certain chapters, good answers would necessarily draw on information in other chapters, particularly the information in Chapters 1 to 4 and Chapter 15 and 16. We have not set a specific question for Chapter 1 as it should be reflected in the answers to the majority of questions below.

Unit 11: Ecology

This unit covers ecosystems, populations, evolution, classification, and human impact on the environment.
The symbols used within the homework assignments refer to the four student texts listed below:

AA-SG=Andrew Allott, Biology for the IB Diploma

AA-CC= Andrew Allott, Biology Course Companion

Homework for 5.1 Commities and Ecosystems5.1 Lecture Notes
Homework for 5.2 Greenhouse Effect5.2 Lecture Notes
Homework for 5.3 Populations5.3 Lecture Notes
Homework for 5.4 Evolution5.4 Lecture Notes
Homework for 5.5 Classification5.5 Lecture Notes
  • AA-SG 34-5, 46
  • AA-CC 196-202

Lab: Ecology simulation: 3 days View the IB Lab Rubric
Test date: May 25

Previous IB Exam Essay Questions: Unit 11

Unit 11: Ecology This unit covers communities and ecosystems, the greenhouse effect, populations, evolution, and classification.
April 25

April 27:

April 30:May 7:

May 9:

May 11:May 14:May 16:May 18:May 21:
  • Lab introduction
  • Virtual Lab
    • 1. Read the original paper
    • 2. Run the experiment
    • 3. Write your lab report based on:
      • a. design
      • b. data collection and procession
      • c. conclusion & evaluation
May 23:
  • Ecology simulation lab due
May 25:May 28:June 1:
  • Final exam
  • 8:15 - 10:30 a.m., W302/W303
  • Previous Paper 2
    • DBQ
    • Short answer
    • Essay questions
      • select 2 of 4 sets
      • answer all three questions within a set
June 10:
  • Course Evaluation: Bring laptops

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