University Of Ottawa Honours Thesis Statements

Successful completion of the Baccalaureate in Psychology including an honours thesis, or its equivalent (determined only during admission), with a GPA of 8.0 (A- or 80% over the last 20 courses or 60 credits) is a pre-requisite for admission to both our graduate programs. For the program in Clinical Psychology, in order to meet a component of the academic requirements for registration with the College of Psychologists of Ontario, a minimum of twenty undergraduate psychology courses is required for admission. Students who have completed a Masters' degree in Psychology may be given advanced standing.

Exceptionally, admission to the Experimental Psychology program is possible on the basis of a four-year Honours degree in another discipline relevant to Psychology, with a letter of support from the prospective supervisor. The degree must include a thesis or an equivalent independent research project (with supervisor worth 6 credits) and at least 36 credits (12 one-session courses) in Psychology, including two single-semester courses in statistics. N.B.: Students with a strong background in mathematics, physical sciences, biological science or computer science are especially encouraged to apply to the Experimental program.

The student must submit the progress report to the thesis supervisor. 

The supervisor will then assess the student's progress. He or she will decide if the report is satisfactory or not, by comparing the objectives achieved by the student with the objectives established in the previous progress report. 

If the student does not reach these objectives, the progress report could be deemed unsatisfactory.  It is therefore important that the student communicate with his supervisor throughout his studies in order to ensure an adequate progression of the academic path and the research. It is also possible that, following a meeting or a consultation, the student and the thesis supervisor decide to modify the objectives established during the last progress report. If this is the case, both must agree with the changes.

Once reviewed and approved by the thesis supervisor, the report will be submitted to the administration for verification and final approval.  The progress report will then be noted in the student's file.

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