Vaser Lipo Cost Abroad Assignment

I passed last year a planned medical examination. The doctors diagnosed me with cervical cancer. In Russia, such a diagnosis simply plunges into shock, as the level of medicine desires better, and cancer is generally a death sentence. My relatives supported me in a difficult moment.

Very soon I recovered from the shock, began to think-guess how to fight for a life for the sake of children, husband, myself. There was not much time, it was impossible to delay with such a diagnosis. On the advice of a friend, I chose the Assuta clinic in Israel. Why Assuta? I read a lot of positive responses about this hospital, the indicator of successfully conducted operations in the department of oncology was simply amazing. Of course, the level of Israeli doctors is much higher than ours.

Shortly after the application, the coordinator of the clinic contacted us, which also inspired confidence. He painted a program of treatment, introduced the case. When asked how much treatment will cost, the answer is tentative. They said that the doctor should specify the price, and payment is made after the fact. This was also a plus. Of course, there was some concern that we were going to a foreign country, we would feel "lost", but these fears were in vain.

It pleased us that at the stage of diagnosis we were informed that the situation was not so terrible. There was a hope for recovery. A few days later I was operated on.

I was at home in a couple of weeks completely healthy. There are not enough good words to express gratitude to the doctors of the Assuta clinic who cured me.

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The body jet procedure uses the dynamic healing power of water to gently remove fat cells without damaging them. This method uses a pulsating spray of fluid and offers a new alternative to conventional techniques. The doctor marks the area which you want treated, and after a small injection of local anaesthetic, a tiny incision is made and a special cannula will be inserted under the skin with a pulsating action. Body jet liposuction of a small amount of areas can be done under local anaesthesia.


BodyTite liposuction is a new form of energy-assisted liposuction using an advanced technology RFAL™ (Radio-Frequency Assisted Lipo Tightening) to offer you a gentle and sophisticated results. This energy is delivered from the liposuction cannula tip, causing simultaneous melting and removal of fat, but also controlled heating of the skin. This heating is responsible for tightening of skin. BodyTite uses temperature sensors to minimize the risk of burns and has been approved as of 2010. BodyTite liposuction is done under general anaesthesia.


Slim Scuplpt and Slim Lipo (Selective Laser Induced Melting) are very effective and safe method of removing unwanted fat from stubborn areas with minimal pain, minimal downtime, and minimal bruising. Unlike traditional liposuction that uses mechanical force to break down fat before the suction procedure, SLIM utilizes a Diode Laser that specifically targets the fat cells only, leaving blood vessels, nerves, and fibrous connections between the skin and the muscle fascia, which allows less pain, less bruising, and excellent skin retraction. In addition, the procedure is so gentle, it can be done under local anaesthesia with mild sedation.


While using tumescent liposuction the fat is drained off by means of a tube connected to a compression vacuum pump. We can drain off as much as several litres of fat during one procedure. Before any fat removal occurs, a mixture of lidocaine and medicament which constrict blood vessels is injected into the fat tissue. This makes the area firm and swollen. If you need liposuction in smaller localities this can be done under local anaesthesia. There are no scars visible as only small incisions are necessary to perform the procedure.


The VASER Lipo System 2.0 is a new (released in 2010) and minimally invasive ultrasonic body contouring technology. It is a safe and effective advancement in liposuction that uses ultrasound technology to target excess fat and give you a smoother contour. It provides fast patient recovery, reduces patient blood loss and gives the opportunity to enhance skin traction. Vaser 2.0 enables removal of small volumes of fat (for precision contouring) or larger volumes (for rapid fat reserves). This method is much recommended for liposculpturing. Vaser Lipo is done under general anaesthesia.


After the operation, a special elastic compression garment is applied on the body parts subjected to the liposuction. Compression clothes are worn continuously for 4 weeks and can only be removed when taking a shower. Office work is possible as early as 3-4 days after the surgery while wearing the compression clothes. Sport activities or heavy physical activities are not recommended for period of 3-4 weeks from the surgery. Feelings of burning, pain, and numbness are possible post-op symptoms and will fade within a few days.

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