Reading Comprehension Homework Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade Reading Comprehension Worksheets & Printables

Reading and comprehension go hand in hand. So do the struggles associated with both, especially when students reach fourth grade, when classroom texts become much more complex. One way to cut through the confusion is to incorporate reading material that kids find compelling—which is precisely the goal of our fourth grade reading comprehension worksheets. Be it nonfiction informative texts about endangered species, foreign countries, and historical figures, or fables like The Wizard of Oz, your child will have no trouble finding stories that pique her interest. And the more interested she is in a story, the more likely she’ll be able to recall information. Worksheets also include literary tips for how to structure a story, establish point of view, and use compare-and-contrast techniques, while fun activities like a make your own cartoon page are sure to spark creativity. When your fourth-grader becomes more confident in his reading comprehension abilities, consider taking her to a bookstore and have her pick out an age-appropriate book. After she completes each chapter, tell her to take out a sheet of paper and summarize the plot, figure out the point of view, and describe the characters.

Grade 4 Reading Comprehension

Use these free, printable worksheets to practice and improve reading comprehension, vocabulary and writing at a grade 4 level.

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Reading Worksheets - Leveled

These grade 4 reading comprehension worksheets are taken from a series of leveled reading workbooks ranging in difficulty from A to Z, according to the Fountas and Pinnell grading system.  The full workbooks are available for download from our bookstore from only $2.49 / book.

More Reading Worksheets

Each 4th grade reading passage is followed by 6 questions which the student is encouraged to answer by writing full sentences in the space provided.  The questions are a mix of 'open ended" and "close ended" questions.

An Honestly Fun Camp      Fiction, 430 words

Ballet  Non-fiction, 470 words

Clara Barton   Non-fiction, 507 words

Curious about Careers: Firefighters   Non-fiction, 630 words

Why does the Ocean have Waves?   Non-fiction,  300 words

Emma's Favorite Restaurant    Fiction, 520 words

First Day   Fiction, 490 words

How to Find the Theme of a Text   Non-fiction, 360 words

How to Skateboard   Non-fiction, 590 words

Left Out  Fiction, 500 words

Liza's First Spelling Bee   Fiction, 800 words

Open for Business   Fiction, 540 words

Oranges Everywhere   Fiction, 440 words

Pool fit for a Hedgehog   Fiction, 380 words

Rocks   Non-fiction, 404 words

Survival in the Wild   Non-fiction, 365 words

Mouse Madness  Fiction, 510 words

Treasure Hunt   Fiction, 593 words

What is a Spacewalk?   Non-fiction, 790 words

Luke, Jay and Zach's Winning Game,  Fiction, 725 words

The Singing Plants   Fiction, 480 words

Historical Reading Worksheets

Each historical passage or fable is followed by four questions.  These questions for grade 4 students involve recalling information directly from the text as well as concepts such as prediction, inference and character traits.

Fishhawks     Non-fiction, 220 words

The Wolf       Fiction, 220 words

George Washington and his Hatchet     Non-fiction, 200 words

Ray and his Kite       Fiction, 640 words

Grace Darling        Fiction, 575 words

How Franklin Found out about Things    Fiction, 725 words

Damon and Pythias    Fiction, 540 words

Androclus and the Lion      Fiction, 670 words

The Merchant's Caravan    Fiction, 790 words

The Fox and the Little Red Hen,    Fiction, 400 words

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