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references so that the research can be reviewed by the reader (p. 560-561, p. 566). Also the journal in which the study was published is a reputable journal, so the results and study can be trusted for validity.

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Vick, R. (Fall, 2002). Questioning the Use of Alcoholics Anonymous With College Students: Is an Old Concept the Only Alternative for a New Generation? Journal of College Counseling, 3 (2): 158-168.

Vick examines the effectiveness of A.A. within the college student subset of the population (p.160-161), and includes research in the area of A.A. related treatment (p. 160). In addition, Vick focuses on the reasons why A.A. may not be the best solution for college students (p. 160-161). Research of the prevalence of drinking in college students is also provided (p. 185-159). Alternative approaches which may be more effective than A.A. are also evaluated (p. 161-164). Vick concludes that, for many college students, alternative treatment methods are more successful than A.A for college students (p. 164-165).

This article is important because it shows that A.A. may not be the best treatment solution for all areas of the population (p. 164). In addition, relevant research is evaluated (p. 160-197), and appropriate citation is given at the end of the article (p. 168). Alternate methods are evaluated, providing a counter point to other studies (p. 161-165). In addition, the journal in which the article is published is a well-known, credible source of information.

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Trip To Narcotics Anonymous Meeting, Na

Attending the narcotics anonymous meeting was definitely an experience I will never forget. When my mom and I first pulled up I couldn't have been more nervous, all the people smoking outside, but as I made my way in I began to feel a bit more comfortable. I did see Ani, the girl who spoke to our class. I overheard others talking about Bo who showed up later on in the night. As I went inside the church, the basement had been arranged with a circle of chairs, with children tables on the side. As members began to file in, the younger crowd sat at the smaller childrens tables while many of the others sat in the circle, I sat in the circle.

The meeting started with people taking turns reading from the Narcotics Anonymous Basic Text and a sheet of paper. This is how they always start a meeting, and also how they did start in school. "Narcotics Anonymous is a nonprofit Fellowship or society of men and women for whom drugs had become a major problem. We are recovering addicts who meet regularly to help each other stay clean." After that, they directed the attention to a table with the NA book and other books and pamphlets which could be purchased or are for free.

After the text was read, people celebrated special occasions. New members were welcomed greatly, as we had one at the time, and also a mother and son who came in later. All received literature and phone numbers of other members for help with addictions. Next, people who were celebrating certain times away from drugs, 30 days, 60 days.... introduced themselves. 2 were celebrating...

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