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Load Board – Load Posting & Truck Searching

Let’s get started.

Congratulations – you now have access to the industry’s largest freight matching marketplace. We also want to give you a quick overview on how to post your loads. Check out the video for a quick training on posting!

Truck Searching

After logging on, begin your search by clicking “searching” then “Trucks.” There are multiple ways to search for trucks, however for this training you will use New Search.

Once the pop-up window appears add the origin information by entering the criteria or using the multi-state selector. Destination information is not required to be entered but this can help narrow the search results. Enter the trailer type. The remainder of the fields are all optional. You can choose to have a notification sound play when new trucks are posted that meet the search criteria. If this is a search that will be used often it can be added to favorite searches. Click “Add and Close.”

Search results will populate. To see more information on the trucks click on the line. This will open the truck details page.

Load Posting

After logging on, begin your post by clicking “posting” then “Loads.” There are multiple ways to post loads, however in this training you will use “New Post.”

Once the pop-up window appears add the origin information, destination information, trailer type and pick up date. There are additional fields that are optional to make the posting more specific. By clicking the green icon next to the “amount” textbox a quick RateMate overview of the posted rate averages will appear from the last 7, 15, 30, and 90 days. If this posting will be used often it can be added to favorite postings. By clicking the “Daily” box the load will be posted for 90 days. Special information on the load can be added to the posting, just remember phone numbers and email addresses can’t be added for security purposes. Click “post and close.”

Your load has been posted on Truckstop.com!

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